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Scheed Cole the founder of 360 Recycle Manufacturing, is a trained visual art educator, but even before then he was just a little boy with little resources and a creative mind.

Scheed's creativity led him to use found objects to make his own toys, he also developed a passion for drawing figures and creating action comics. But it was not until high school when he began experimenting with colour, though painting.  

He taught for over 9 years in most inner-city schools creating formulas to assist any child to learn how to draw and appreciate art. But the urge to create never left him. He was constantly honing his skills and soon he left the classroom and ventured into the events industry.

Most of the props he had to create were lightweight and he had to negotiate methods to develop a finished product that was durable, light and able to stand on it's own. He experimented with paper and then with plastic bottles and then he realized he was recycling and upcycling. Then his experiments led him into new products, like flower pots, playground elements, partition boards, curb-walls and now housing.

360 Recycle Manufacturing is a Social Enterprise and was founded by Scheed in 2015, it operates on Rousseau Road on the edge of Trench Town and Arnette Gardens, providing training and employment to community members, and is predominantly self-funded.

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