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At 360 Applied Design Training and Apprenticeship Programe, we are incredibly proud of our former trainees and their accomplishments. Each person who has completed our training program stands as a living example of what commitment, resilience, and effective skill development can achieve.

Our graduates come from a variety of backgrounds, yet they are united by a single ambition – continuous personal and professional advancement. They've transformed obstacles into opportunities, honing skills taught in our program, and have risen to become influential figures in their areas of expertise.

Their triumphs extend beyond their own – they are a beacon of what our mission aims to accomplish: to empower, educate, and uplift. Moving forward in to entraprenuership, construction, fabrication and many more. They exemplify not only the knowledge and skills gained from our program but also embody a dedication to making a meaningful impact.

Whether launching their own recycling businesses or spearheading community projects, our alumni are actively reshaping the Jamaican landscape. Their evolution from students to leaders, serves as a source of motivation for us and the new wave of trainees embarking on their journey with360Applied Design.

We encourage you to discover their inspiring stories and celebrate their successes with us. More than just alumni, they are enduring representatives of our institution, continually contributing to a brighter and more skilled world.


Craige Brooks

Metal Fabricator

Craig Brooks is a well known player in the metal fabrication signage industry, he is used by, all the major sign companies locally as a freelancer, or contractor producing signs for events, and brand placement. During high school Craig was placed in the visual arts class in grade 11 as he was only recommended for one other subject. He was taught by Scheed Cole and achieved a Distinction in Visual Arts. He became an apprentice for four years, finally he branched off and joined one of the leading print companies where he made is name. He now works  as a contractor handling major signage projects.

Travis Hunter


 Travis Hunter has been our most successful trainee over the years he began with us right out of high school in 2014 he is trained in masonry, carpentry, welding, painting and as a sculptor in the methods of 360RecycleWay of sustainable manufacturing. He was the first residential  trainee he spent four years in extensive training.With this training he has been able to start a company teaching others about recycling, and creating products from recyclable material. Over the years he has been featured in  newspapers, morning shows and has also had radio interviews.


Kirk Cockburn

Project Name

Kirk Cockburn came to us with strong drawing skills, and he was trained in painting, sculpting and masonry by Scheed, for about a year. He used his training to launch his artistic construction company and employs a team of young people who he also trains to assist in the completion of his projects.

Travis Smith

Project Name

Travis Smith asked to be apprenticed to 360RECYCLE, he was accepted and was trained in carpentry, welding and masonry for more than four years he showed great aptitude in carpentry and had a great potential for leadership, he came from a volatile community, and over came many struggles to make his way to work daily. He became the staff representative at 360 Recycle Manufacturing Ltd. He applied and got a job at AWD Construction Limited where he works has a  professional carpenter.


DJean Williams


DJean Williams has been utilizing his abilities to aid his parents in constructing additions to their home. He aims to apply his entrepreneurship training to establish a physical fitness company. Nevertheless, he recently initiated a mobile landscaping service catering to the Portmore Region.


Mark Powell


Mark Powell, an orphan who grew up in the Children Home, was motivated to join a programme by his two aunts. He completed an 8-month landscaping program and is now gainfully employed.

Oneilio Clarke

Employed / Model Trainee

After 4 months in our intensive programme Oneilio is temporaly employed as a Mascot actor, and he currently in training to lauch his modeling career.


Jhanelle James


Jahnell James developed a passion for welding during our 4-month training program and has decided to pursue further studies at HEART NTA.

Javiah Henry

Employed SEC001 

Since 2022, Javiah Henry has been an apprentice in the programme. She is skilled in welding, carpentry, and masonry, and has also received training in sculpting. Currently, Javiah is employed with SEC001, our sister company.


Richard Ricketts


Richard spent three months with us and discovered his love for welding fabrication. He is currently pursuing his studies in welding at HEART NTA.

DeVaughn Hyde


DeVaughn spent six months in our training programme and he developed his masonry, carpentry and welding skills, he was also the group's Validictorian. He is currently working in his family's construction business and plans to further his education.

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