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We at 360Cycle believe that we can solve a multiplicity of socio-economic problems with the help of our global community, by doing what we love, innovating with recycled materials. Through our innovations, we have created solutions in the home and garden, construction, education and social sectors of our communities, by manufacturing artistic and innovative products from recycled materials.


Through our manufacturing of these products we have saved P.E.T bottles, foam lunch boxes, other waste Styrofoam, used tires and paper from being burnt or being washed to our streets, drains, waterbodies.


Our Playgrounds are world-class creative spaces in which children can gain from the benefits of physical and creative play as well as problem-solving skills. They are also intrinsically aware that someone cared enough for them to create an awesome space for them to dream impossible dreams.


 Through our lightweight concrete mix with recycle materials and inventive sculpting capabilities, we have been able to manufacture flower pots and planters, which are beautiful to look at, durable and beneficial to plant growth because of the pots porous nature.


This mixture is also used to make artistic manhole covers, faux wooden flooring, wall claddings and rail fencing just to name a few.

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Odd Eye Features 360 Recycle Manufacturing

Odd Eye Features 360 Recycle Manufacturing

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